Fierce Madres is a non-partisan non-profit founded in the aftermath of the Uvalde shooting. Learn more here

Introducing Fierce Madres.

Uvalde native, Angela “Angie” Villescaz (shown here as a student at Robb Elementary) is a mother and an abuela. Prior to founding FIERCE MADRES she was an advocate for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking.

The day after the Uvalde school massacre, Angie was interviewed by a reporter who used her quote, “One thing you may not know about Hispanic moms…YOU DON’T MESS WITH OUR KIDS…we are going to do something about this, I promise.”

The news reporter made a personal TIKTOK video without Angie’s knowledge and it went viral. Thousands of Hispanic moms demanded to know who Angie was and asked how they could be a part of her promise/work.

During the aftermath of the shooting, Angie came up with the name FIERCE MADRES and one of the first volunteers to join this fierce movement was Angeli Gomez, the young mother who jumped the fence at Robb Elementary to save her two sons.

Fierce Madres has established gun safety chapters across Texas.
In addition to being the Executive Director for the gun safety nonprofit, Angie Villescaz volunteers with the Fierce Madres PAC  recruiting and training gun sense candidates to run for political office.
Angie & the Fierce Madres team

We are Hispanic moms obsessed with taking action.